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    The Checkerboard Squares dance at the Rockwood Grange, located at 183rd and Southeast Stark Street between the Taco Time restaurant and the Motel 6 in Gresham, Ore. Admission: $5 for non-members.

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Ideas to Promote Square Dancing

National conventions offer a robust lineup of seminars to help clubs thrive. I listened to Joe Mueller and John and Sherri Lawrence discuss “how to promote your hobby” while I was in Louisville this summer. Here are some of their tips for promoting your square dance club.

1. Join the chamber of commerce. It offers many opportunities to promote your club.

2. Set up a square dance display at the local library, restaurants, community center and bank. Include square dance clothing and brochures about your classes.

3. Distribute business cards with dance information instead of brochures–people are likely to set down a brochure.

4. Distribute bookmarks with your dance information. Everyone can use a bookmark.

5. Dance exhibitions at nursing homes attract the staff. Former dancers fill nursing homes and will light up as they watch you dance. You give back to the community while promoting square dancing.

6. Go out to eat after a dance wearing your square dance clothes. This attracts attention and conversation.

7. Work with the YMCA to make your lessons part of their program.

8. Network with doctors to promote the health benefits of square dancing. They often are willing to send information to their patients about the health benefits of square dancing.

9. Advertise in church bulletins.

10. Start a line dancing class. After two weeks, the caller can show the group something new and teach some square dancing. Each week, add a few more steps. One group tried this–100 people learned both types of dance–and ended up starting a club.

11. Take a cable access class and learn to produce your own local cable television show about square dancing.

12. Work through neighborhood associations to promote square dance classes.

13. Meet your city and county commissioners. Investigate how they can partner with you to promote your classes. In one county, the county paid for fliers and the cost of the square dance classes for a club.

14. Set up a Facebook page and work it.

15. Post bulletins in grocery stores.

16. Use yard signs to advertise classes.

17. Advertise classes with car window signs or bumper stickers.


One Response

  1. Hey you guys! Thats a great article. You should make a copy so we can use some of the ideas at the next meeting.


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