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    May 11
    Dark. No dance.

    May 25
    Terry Halley, caller
    Ken Prattt, cuer

    The Checkerboard Squares dance at the Rockwood Grange, located at 183rd and Southeast Stark Street between the Taco Time restaurant and the Motel 6 in Gresham, Ore. Admission: $5 for non-members.

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Oregon Ballet Theater Includes Square Dancing in Performance

Square dancing pops up in the oddest places. This time, square dancing appeared in the Oregon Ballet Theater’s spring performance of George Balanchine’s “Square Dance.”

This 24-minute work, set to music by Antonio Vivaldi and Arcangelo Corelli, features a live square dance caller.

According to the PAC’s April minutes, at least two members of the Oaky Doaks were planning to attend the ballet on April 23. The club was invited to do a dance demo before the ballet.

The ballet ran from April 21 to May 1. I wish I had gone. But I guess I’ll go to a real square dance instead.


Helpful Tool Available to Promote Square Dancing

The brochure cover features a simple design and a play on words.

A uniformed official of the U.S. government visited my home yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home when he stopped by. But I detected his presence the moment I arrived home. He had left a package on the front porch.

The box had traveled all the way from Topeka, Kansas, home of The International Association of Square Dance Callers, who had sent it. I eagerly tore open the box. Inside were 200 golden brochures–some folded, some flat.

Yes, I followed my own advice and ordered 200 square dancing brochures from CallerLab. Several weeks ago I wrote about a brochure that CallerLab has published, a brochure I learned about at the national convention in Louisville. I was impressed with the writing and with the design. I recommended the brochure to the square dance community.

I finally ordered copies for my own club.

I wish I had had these brochures when I was at the Oregon State Fair last week, watching the Oaky Doaks dance. The brochures would have been the perfect square dancing introduction to distribute to the crowd.

I wish I had had these brochures when I walked around my neighborhood a few days ago, passing out business-card size notices about the dance classes my club is offering in a few weeks.

I wish I had had these brochures when my club set up a square dance display at a local bank in August.

The brochures look professional. They’re full color, of the quality that Americans have come to expect in their printed matter. The copy is interesting and descriptive of square dancing in a way that makes dancing appealing to the reader. The back panel is blank, leaving space for an imprint about one’s own club or activities or lessons.

I plan to give copies to Tony Haskins, Portland Area Council president. I hope he will share the brochure with the other clubs at a PAC meeting. Perhaps he will share the brochures with the Tualatin Valley Council. I hope other clubs will begin to use this wonderful tool that CallerLab has developed to help us promote our activity. Why reinvent the wheel when CallerLab has already done the work?

Square Dancers Entertain at Oregon State Fair